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Pest Control Brampton. We offer effect and affordable solutions for mice, roaches, ants, and bed bugs. Our trained exterminators provide guaranteed pest control solutions that are backed by our warranty. We offer solutions for both residential customers and businesses in Brampton. Call us:

Regardless of whether pests are posing a small or large problem we can help. We employ trained and licensed exterminators who can deal with even the most challenging infestation effectively. We deal with every pest. If you are experiencing a pest problem in Brampton please give us a call:

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Mice make their way into homes from even the smallest crack or hole. They do so to find food and water. Once a mouse has made its way in, more will follow. Mice breed very quickly and a small problem can quickly get out of control. We offer professional and efficient solutions and our treatments come guaranteed.


The most common cockroaches we encounter are the German, the American and the Oriental with German cockroaches being the most widespread in the area. We provide treatments that get rid of the pests guaranteed. Our exterminators go the extra mile to makes sure the issues have been dealt with and offer a warrantee for our service.

Bed Bugs

We provide two bed bug treatments with two visits. Our experienced technicians treat the affected areas with heat and insecticides. We guide our customers every step of the treatment process. We provide guaranteed solutions for the treatment of bed bugs.


While ants can remain active indoors all year round, they are most active in the spring and summer months. As licensed exterminators we offer complete and guaranteed solutions. We will treat using a variety of techniques and products and can exterminate carpenter ants, pharaoh ants, pavement ants, citronella ants and any other species guaranteed.


Wasps can quickly get out of control if a nest remains unattended. Wasps begin their annual nest buildup in the spring. Many nests remain undetected until the summer months when they have grown in size. We will take down the nest and exterminate any lingering wasps.


For all your pest control needs, residential or commercial, call the Brampton pest control team: