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Pest Control Brampton

Pest Control Brampton. We offer effect and affordable solutions for mice, roaches, ants, and bed bugs. Our trained exterminators provide guaranteed pest control solutions that are all backed by our warranty. We offer pest control solutions for both residential customers and businesses in Brampton. Regardless of whether pests are posing a small or large problem we can help.

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Mice make their way into homes from even the smallest crack or hole. We offer trapping and poison treatments that come with a 6 month warranty and can extend that warranty if you hire us to seal entry points.

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Cockroaches breed fast and can survive even in the most sanitary conditions. Our treatments are comprehensive, we use bait, insecticide spray, dust and aerosol or fogging for every treatment. No roaches are left standing.

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Ants are most active in the spring and summer months. We exterminate carpenter ants, pharaoh ants, pavement ants, citronella ants. We treat using a combination of insecticides, insecticide dusts and baits. Our solutions are guaranteed and are covered by our warranty.

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Bed Bugs

We provide two bed bug treatments with two visits. Our experienced technicians treat the affected areas with heat and insecticides. We guide our customers every step of the treatment process. We provide guaranteed solutions for the treatment of bed bugs.

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