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If contractual pests return following service and within the guarantee and warranty period we will return at no additional cost. We work hard on keeping our customers wasp-free. We guarantee every service and provide extensive warranties to make sure pests are gone and our customers are happy. Call The Exterminators Inc. for wasp control services in Brampton

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Wasp Control Brampton

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The professional licensed exterminators at Wasp Control Brampton are trained, certified, and insured to ensure a uniform high-quality across all of our wasp removal services. We are specialized in exterminating and removing wasps and nests using proven methods. We apply low toxicity mammalian insecticides to the nest inside and outside the building. We use professional-grade formulations that are inaccessible to the public. We prioritize the safety of our customers during every stage of the wasp removal process. You are protected without a 6-month service guarantee when nests are built into existing structures. For more information, contact our customer service specialists.

Wasp Removal Process


The wasp control technician carefully inspects the property and will thoroughly comb the exterior of the building. Wasps can nest in two ways. The first one poses a direct threat to the safety of the occupants. Wasp nest will be inside the eaves or inside wall voids. They see more activity near the house or see them coming or leaving. The second scenario involves a visible nest hanging from the eaves or from trees. Once it is concluded what type of nest they are dealing with, removal and/or extermination begins.

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With a visible nest, wasps will be sprayed with insecticides and the nest will be removed. In case the nest is attached to the exterior of the building, the nest will be removed, and wasps will be prevented from repopulating the area by spraying an insecticide residual.

In case the wasp is located in existing gaps, holes, or wall voids, pesticides will be applied inside the hole. A combination of insecticide dust, sprays, or aerosols will be used depending on the cause and severity.

Wasp Dangers

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Wasps are active in the warmer months in the spring and fall seasons. You’ll see an increase in wasp presence after they invade an area. They settle down and build their nest in shaded places usually under soffits and tree branches. Wasps are dangerous to pets and children because they could go closer out of curiosity. Unlike bees, wasps will sting multiple times. Medical assistance will be needed. People who get stung might experience typical pain. But others can have an extreme reaction to it. Always stay at a safe distance and keep children and pets out of reach.

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Wasp information

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Different types of wasps come with different types of nests. The paper wasp nest will come with a traditional hive-like structure. While the Mud Daubers have an unusual nest made of mud. Then you have the carpenter bee that is attracted to soft untreated woods that drill its nests in the bark. Wasp stings are very painful and unknown allergic reactions can be dangerous. Keep pets and children away at all costs.

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We have the expertise, the gear, knowledge and all that at a very affordable price. Over the years we have solved thousands of cases in Brampton and beyond and we continue to do so with the same energy and passion as always. We emphasize safe treatment options that are safe to use and regulated by provincial and local governments. Pest Control Brampton is straightforward, affordable, and high-quality!

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Wasp Control Brampton

Wasp Control Brampton has always been a familiar face to the residents of Brampton. We offer every resident high-quality, affordable, and easily accessible wasp removal services where every technician is a licensed exterminator. We know how to assess every wasp infestation and come up with an effective plan of action that gets rid of wasps as well as the nest in no time. Wasp Control Brampton is a proud member of the community that goes above and beyond to give the residents of Brampton unmatched service. If you have any questions and/or comments about our wasp removal process, feel free to contact our customer service specialists to have the steps more explained in detail and to set up your next appointment.