mouse-control-BramptonMouse control Brampton. Guaranteed mouse extermination with warranty. Our licensed exterminators provide professional extermination for mice and rats. After a thorough inspection, we identify entry points and implement an extermination program. Our services are guaranteed and can offer permanent mouse control solutions. To schedule an inspection or treatment please call: (647) 360-1679

We offer rodent control solutions for commercial and residential establishments.

Our technicians will make sure that food sources are removed and will identify any holes or openings where rodents may obtain entrance to your residence. Areas, where these rodents have gained access to your home, will be cleared. Our technicians are safety aware and can ensure that children and animals be kept away while any extermination methods are being applied.

Rodent Control

The primary methods by which our specialists will cope with your mice issue will be through the use of glue boards, snap-traps, live traps and/or rodenticides. Of course, the elimination of any possible entry points these animals might have to your residence will be closed off by our technicians. The homeowner is always consulted by our technicians to ensure the very best feasible strategy will be put into place. Our specialists will put the traps or bait stations in places used by the rodents which are out-of-reach of kids or animals. Homeowners are advised not to move any traps that they might encounter in their home as this will decrease the effectiveness of the pest control process.

If you are dealing with a mouse problem give us a call. A licensed technician will identify the level of the infestation and provide recommendations for treatment. Call to book an inspection or treatment: (647) 360-1679