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Bed bug Control Brampton

Don’t just let the bed bugs bite. Have professional exterminators deal with the problem once and for all. Reliable, effective guaranteed and affordable service. We provide effective steam and pesticide treatments for bed bugs. Such treatments are much more affordable in comparison to heat and cold treatments available on the market today. Call to book an inspection or treatment: (647) 360-1679

Through recent years, Ontario public health has got a large upsurge in calls involving bedbugs. Many pest control companies are also reporting increases in the number of calls they are receiving every year. While there are no direct adverse effects associated with bed bug bites, they are known to cause discomfort and annoyances.

Bed bugs are small, parasitic insects that feed on human blood. They dwell in crevices near beds and other places in close proximity to their targets. They remain close to their very own food sources and nourish throughout the night time, they are nocturnal. The spread by attaching themselves to clothing, furniture and linens and can survive long periods without food. Anyone can be affected by bed bugs regardless of how clean they maintain their space. Bed bug bites can be the source of irritation. While bed bugs are not known to transmit diseases their bites can be the cause of allergic reactions.


Even though bed bugs enter the blood stream directly with two of their beaks, they do not cause any illnesses as far as scientists are concerned. The only known negative outcomes from bed bugs are rashes, itches, red bumps and other dermatological issues that can arise. Bed bugs can also trigger symptoms in asthma patients to flare up unexpectedly as well.
One of the biggest dangers apart from physical discomfort is the mental toll that comes with it. Sleep is one of the most important parts of the night and disturbing that can have serious consequences that can spill over into private and personal life. Many people look forward to sleep, but when the bed becomes a place for anxiety instead of comfort, it can greatly affect one’s mood and appetite. Bed bug infestations should therefore be reported as soon as possible.
Bed bugs are hard-to-spot, and knowing the signs and clues can pin point the infestation to one cause. Bed bug infestations are not easy to contain and need professional intervention. Clothes, shoes, bedding, and all kinds of furniture can become infested. People often bring bed bugs into the house because of a previous place they have visited that dealt with infestation.
People that are dealing with bed bug bites or have dealt with bed bug bites report pains on uncovered parts of the body such as the back, the feet, arms, and the face. Secondary effects can also arise due to bed bug bites. Bed bug bites sting and can leave a person in discomfort. Skin infection is thus not out of the question when the sufferer scratches the uncovered parts of skin to relieve the itch. As these happen more frequently, the sufferer is even able to scratch the skin open. Professional and expert advise is needed to deal with bed bugs.

First Steps to Dealing With a Bed Bug problem

There are a few things you can do to deal with a bed bug problem. Isolate all clothing and linens in sealed plastic bags. Place all items in the dryer in temperatures of over 45 C for just over an hour.   Inspect bed frames and other furniture items in the room in question for signs of an infestation. The next step is to consult a licensed exterminator for treatment options.

If you suspect you have bed bugs call us. Our technicians are licensed exterminators and can deal with every type of bed bug problem. Our solutions are effective and affordable. Call now for a consultation and to book a treatment: (647) 360-1679

Our Pest Control technicians are Fully Licenced and trained in the industry’s best practices and are equipped with the best Tools to Get the job done efficiently and effectively

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