how to control cockroach infestation

How to Control Cockroach Infestation

Cockroaches are quite annoying pests that can cause various diseases. They are normally attracted to all types of food that are found in your house or property. They consume anything from paper, food, plastics, packaging, animal matter and fabrics. Most of the time, it is usually easier to spot some signs of the problem instead of the pest itself. This is simply because they are nocturnal creatures that are active during the night as they look for food and hide out during the day. When you discover infestation, it is important to note that it requires immediate action for cockroach removal solutions that will minimize the health risks that are associated with the insect. Some of the steps that can be taken towards this effect include:  

IGR cockroach baits  

Modern science has made it possible for the use of cockroach food bait that normally has a lethal effect that is delayed. This is because it makes certain that there is enough time for this bait to be transferred to all the other cockroaches through their feces. The bait can be described as a insect growth regulator that usually stops the ability of the insect to replace its own skin that is made of chitin. These are ultra low toxicity for human beings. They are supposed to be applied as small blobs in the areas where the cockroaches have infested far from human contact. This normally provides effective solutions for many months as it is highly attractive to the roaches.

Permethrin dust

There are some scenarios where it is highly recommended that you make use of synthetic permethrin (pyrethroid) dust especially if you are targeting cockroaches that are found under floors and roof voids. The product is modeled on natural extract of the pyrethrum flower and users are supposed to make sure they follow all the instructions on the label to the latter. This is also one of the safest insecticides to pets such as cats and dogs and also to humans. You can also get the one that are used for flea infestation on your cats and dogs but you have to purchase the appropriate products.

There are also times when you may need professional help by calling in pest control experts to come in and take care of the product. Make sure you do your homework well to only hire a well reputable pest control firm that will make certain the job is done in the best way possible.