What do Fleas Look Like

What Fleas Look Like

Fleas are small parasitic insects that have an oval shape and flat bodies that possess a hard shell fully covered with hairs. They can vary in colour as fleas can range from brown to red. In terms of their size, fleas are notoriously difficult to detect with the naked eye measuring approximately 2-4 mm.

Professional Solutions

As for professional solutions, our technicians from Pest Control Peterborough, have a multi-step process in place to ensure the complete elimination of fleas with the help of commercial-grade pesticides that are not available to the public. Our technicians are also licensed and insured to make sure that every action is handled safely with local regulations in mind.

Flea Extermination Process

Our flea extermination process consists of 3 steps which are preparation, inspection, and extermination. You can read a detailed procedure down below.


Before the arrival of our technicians, customers need to be prepared in making sure that our technicians have easy access and facilitate a smooth treatment process. We require our customers to stow away bedding and clothes and to wash these clothes in hot water. Living spaces and bedrooms will also need to be decluttered. We will send a detailed prep sheet in advance.


 Fleas are very small insects that we aim to eliminate. During the inspection, the technician will aim to determine and identify hotspots and areas of high activity. The technician will take their time to make sure to follow traces and signs. Once the inspection is complete, the information is gathered and conveyed to the property owner.


Flea control experts use a variety of methods in the form of aerosol, liquids, and dust forms that have been proven to work. We utilize proven long-lasting methods specifically aimed to kill fleas together with their eggs at extremely high temperatures with steamers and thermal treatment. We also check for flea eggs and make sure they are killed as well to get rid of Fleas. Most Fleas treatments take about 2 days, and this can depend on the severity and the scope of the infestation. The bigger the infestation, the more time technicians will need to complete the extermination. We require occupants to vacate the building for a few hours.


Fleas are the type of pests that make their way into the home in a variety of ways primarily through your pets or other pets. How your pets got them is difficult to say since fleas have an incredible jumping ability which allows them to travel significant distances. Continuous upkeep of the property such as cleaning and will keep your fleas away. This includes living spaces and bedrooms as well. As well as detecting signs of any pet discomfort.

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