Why Do Bed Bugs Smell Like Cinnamon?

That is a very fascinating question, and the answer might not be so clear-cut. Whatever you smell might not be the same as what someone else smells. This has to do with how sensitive our nose is and how the brain perceives the smell itself. What might smell good for one person might smell bad for the other, but some people have described the smell of a bed bug infestation as definitely musty? Some people might be smelling wood, and cinnamon, and is described very often as having the smell of coriander. You might also be smelling something else if your house is full of different spices so using a scent as an indicator is not always trustable.

The signs and effects of a bed bug infestation

Since there might be a lot going on with smell, the best indicator of a bed bug infestation is seeing the signs and recognizing traces of bed bug presence. Yes, bed bugs are indeed very small insects they are so small that most people can’t even see them under normal circumstances.  The average size of a bed bug measures around 4 mm and is around the size of an apple seed. If you can spot an apple seed without any problem then you might be in luck! It means that you can see bed bugs! Now you can think about how to deal with bed bugs. 

Where you can find bed bugs

There is another problem with being able to see bed bugs or not. Bed bugs are known to be very good at keeping themselves low.  It means that they are very good at hiding and nestling themselves in very hard-to-reach places.  This might not be all that surprising because they prefer dark and dry places. Therefore, they will end up in places like furniture, boxes, luggage, and even clothes.

Bed bug information

Bed bugs are parasitic insects that feed off blood aptly named a blood meal. The bed bug for this reason has nested out in between the seams of the mattress. It will travel from its nest to the host and will take the blood. This always happens overnight since the host is always asleep. Bed bugs take blood unnoticed. Most often see it as a pesky mosquito bite. This is why a lot of people have issues identifying a bed bug issue. There are different ways to combat bed bugs, but the best way is to hire pros.

See raised bumps on your skin? On your arms, hands, stomach, leg, feet and other uncovered places? Then you might be dealing with bed bugs. If the infestation reached a point till it’s very severe, you might even find a brown-red streak on your mattress made up of crushed bed bug parts, blood, and feces.

If you think you’re dealing with a bed bug infestation, contact the licensed and insured bed bug control experts from Bed Bug control immediately at 647-360-1679.