Do Mice Breed All year Round – Mouse Breeding Habits

You might be surprised to find out that mice are already sexually active at around 6 weeks old. Mice engage in a polyamorous system where multiple males and multiple females will breed with each other. Mice will reach sexual maturity at around 21-30 days. The mating season for the mouse will last throughout the year which means that mice can breed all year round.

Recent research has shown that the litter of the mother mouse can produce different offspring from different fathers. The estrous cycle of the mice will last about 4 hours, and this is the time when the female mouse feels the most sexually inclined toward the male mouse and will mate.

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This can explain heavy mouse overpopulation in a very short period. Mice have the capability to produce 5 to 10 litter. With an average of a litter being around 3 to 14 mice. Meaning if we take the extreme cases, a single mouse can produce close to 140 mice in optimal conditions. Mice are known as opportunistic animals and will go wherever food, water, and shelter lead them and for this reason, they will often end up in our homes due to the abundance of food and water.

Mice will circumvent several ways to get to the interior of our properties through something that is called an entry-point. Entry points can be classified as any type of opening where the animal can come and go freely and spread out from the interior. Mice will make use of a range of entry points and these can be utility line gaps, foundation gaps, exposed pipes, air vents, and even simple open doors. Mice are commonly active in the basement, the attic, and the kitchen. Once in, mice will cause a lot of damage.

Mice are known as omnivorous creatures and will pretty much eat anything that humans eat or discard. In nature, they will eat a healthy variety of nuts, berries, grains, and nuts. Truly something to make an example of in your diet. Despite the healthy variety of food in nature, the mouse will steal whatever they can find inside the home. If you have a heavy mouse infestation, you might even see live mice coming and going to the kitchen. It’s been calculated that mice on average will eat about 15 to 20 times a day.

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