How to Stop Mice Entering Through Soffit Gaps

Mice are the type of rodents that will take advantage of every type of opening to get inside the house and soffit openings are no exception to this. Mice are natural opportunistic animals that will flock to places that will benefit them the most, as such mice will take advantage of openings that will get them directly to the interior of the house and that business happens to be the soffit gap which leads to the attic immediately. Mice will also be damaging properties whenever they find their way in.

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These soffit gaps are designed to provide the attic space with fresh circulation and the mouse isn’t the only rodent to take advantage of the soffit gap. Rodents such as the squirrel regularly take advantage of openings that are located on the roof level and hope to take benefit from the warmth and safety that the attics provide to. Mice will use this space to breed and repopulate.

How to Stop them

So what to do with mice and how to stop them from entering the soffit gap? The easiest and most effective way is to seal these gaps by installing a screened soffit vent. This will protect the attic from tiny intruders like the mouse and will provide the much-needed fresh circulation of air without compromising on functionality.

Mice as earlier mentioned before will take advantage of every type of opening and you probably wonder what other types of openings they use. Below is a small list of the type of openings they exploit to find their way inside the property.

Weep Holes

It may sound a bit dramatic, but I can assure you that it is far from it. Alternatively, also known as weep vents, these are holes in between mortar bricks. You might notice them around a wall when you take a closer look.  They are used to drain the water from your property. These might seem very small, but for the mouse, there is plenty of room to squeeze by.

Utility Line Gaps

The description is in the name, but utility line gaps are gaps through which cables or pipes connect to your house. This leaves a small gap. This gap is small enough for the mouse to fit through and to spread thereon. This may seem unlikely, but mice will and can squeeze through openings that people don’t even think are possible.

Exterior Wall Vents

Exterior vents are usually placed along the sides of the property and might be recognized by their cap. These vents are there to provide the interior with fresh air circulation and can serve as a gateway for mice to the inside. The most effective way to solve it is to have professionals install vent covers to stop mice in their tracks.

Professional Intervention

The best way to stop mice from entering your property is to call in the help of insured and licensed professionals. They have all the knowledge and tools available to make sure they will be gone and stay out with the help of effective sealing and proofing solutions. Professionals from Pest Control Brampton can offer just that at competitive pricing accompanied by the highest quality of service. Call 647-360-1679.