Can You Have Mice In The Attic But Not Inside The House

Yes, it may happen, but not for long. Rodents will get inside the house through entry points that are scattered across the perimeter of the house, and this is because rodents will look for basic needs such as water, food, shelter, and warmth. This will give mice also the opportunity to breed and to make sure that they can spread throughout the house.

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The attic is a great spot for mice since the space stays undisturbed for long periods. In exchange feces and urine spread everywhere and turns the attic into a cesspool which will need professionals’ decontamination done. Mice will so cause material damage as well.

Mice are very opportunistic animals and will follow the wherever food will take them. Mice will feed on everything that they can find, and this is why mice will go to the kitchen while initially ending up in the attic in the first place. Mice have small stomachs and for this reason, may eat up to 30 times daily. This craving can truly be satisfied by going to where the source is, the kitchen.

Once they have established their main food source mice will set up camp. Not only will mice set up camp, but will continue to breed. A mouse infestation can fast spin out of control because of their year-round breeding habit. Mice do not care who they mate with as they follow a polyamorous system where these mice have multiple partners.

The only way to make sure that mice do not make it downstairs is to set up traps and poison, but even these have their limitations since there aren’t simply enough active ingredients to counter the mouse infestation attics to its full extent. Over-the-counter formulations have a legal limitation that professional pest control specialists do not have. They have access to powerful rodenticides that will attract these mice and will eventually kill them.

Professional mouse control specialists will conduct an interior and exterior inspection to determine the breaches around the house. These might not be breaches at all, but part of the structural design of the house. Such examples can include weep vents, exterior exhaust vents, outfacing pipes, and utility line gaps. On the other hand, there are lot of entry points that are formed due to continuous wear and tear such as deteriorated shingles, drip edges, fascia boards, and foundation gaps. All these entry points can give access to the mouse and spread on from there.

Professionals will determine these entry points and will seal them so that the property is fully secure against any type of rodent and pest invasion. The professionals at Pest Control Brampton can help. We are fully insured and licensed experts that have access to effective commercial-grade rodenticides that will make a true difference. Call us to hire. 647-360-1679