How Do Mice Survive Winter?

Mice are very well-prepared for the cold winters to come. As temperatures drop these days, humans too are bracing for colder winters. Unlike our ancestors, we do not have to fatten ourselves up thanks to the modern convenience life has given us, but mice will need to store up fat to survive the winters and they do this by eating copious amounts of seeds which will help them bulk up.

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Mice are rodents that do not hibernate but will slow down their activity and store up food for it to last the rest of winter. Mice will eat a variety of seeds. In nature they will seek shelter in various places whether that is under the crevice of a tree or a rock or even a log, they will have to find shelter wherever they can.

This also includes our very own homes that they seek shelter in and they make use of entry points to seek entry. Just as the name points out, entry points will be located on the exterior of the property that gives way to the inside of the house and they can take on many different shapes and sizes. The mouse is an incredibly resilient and flexible animal that will not let anything in its way to get to its goal and as such, the mouse will if needed jump, climb, and crawl through tight spaces to survive. They can even enter through soffit gaps as well.

Mice can fit through holes as small as 9 mm and can swim considerate amounts of distances to get to their destination. Therefore, mice are so feared in food facilities as well because of what they are capable to withstand. Mice will make sure that they have a secure base before expanding and that includes behind the walls where we cannot see them. Many homeowners do not know that they have mice living there for generations behind their walls thinking that it is a new phenomenon. Mice will breed out of sight and many homeowners will be surprised at the amount.

Mice are incredible survivors that also bring a substantial amount of damage with them, and this is because of the habits they also ring with them from the outside. You see, mice love to gnaw on soft materials that can shave off the length of their incisors.

The longer these incisors become the harder it becomes to function normally. As a result, mice will turn to everything and anything they can find to sand their teeth. Unfortunately, this will include soft metals like copper and aluminum. Copper being the main material on electrical wiring in the house; can even lead to fires if the issue persists with time.

Surviving and food go hand in hand and as such mice will gladly raid your food supply no matter where. People often have food out on the counter and in the pantry which gives the mouse easy access to food wherever and whenever. It is estimated that mice will make a midnight run at least 20 times and this all happens when you are fast asleep since they are nocturnal animals which entails that they are active during the night and inactive during the day.

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